Friday, October 24, 2014

Sticky Windows, Fall & Winter

Winters are long and cold where we live, so I try to come up with some fun indoor activities to keep MC busy (Pinterest helps!). Something I came across on Pinterest that I thought would be fun to try was a sticky window. However, being a huge fan of the holidays, I wanted to make these sticky windows more festive.

The first sticky window was for Halloween. I drew a pumpkin on the backside of clear laminate and taped it to the sliding door. I cut up construction paper, yarn, and strips of tissue paper in Halloween/fall colors (orange, green, brown). I had MC help me tear the strips of tissue paper into smaller pieces (she loves this activity, and it's great for fine motor). MC explored the sticky laminate for a few minutes, and then I showed her how to stick our goodies to it. It didn't hold her interest for as long as I hoped, but she still had fun. I saved the extra pieces for another day. 

The next sticky window I came up with was a maple tree. My family owns our own maple sugaring business, so it's on our minds a lot. I found some fake maple leaves for a couple dollars, drew a tree on the back of some contact paper and taped it to the glass slider. MC loves nature and being outside, so if I can somehow bring nature indoors, I will. 

The next was a ghost with white tissue paper. Again, I cut strips of white tissue paper and had MC help me tear the strips (a great fine motor activity) into smaller pieces. Hint: If you spell anything out, like I did, make sure you spell it backwards... My "Boo!" looks like "!ooB", haha!

This sticky window was for Christmas. We also happened to be learning about the letter D! So, on top of the tree, I drew a D tree topper. I gave her some Christmas bows to stick on and also some diamonds (starts with D) cut out of contruction paper. One thing I should have done differently is gone over the lines I drew several times so the tree would show up better. 

I plan on continuing with my holiday themed sticky windows throughout the rest of the year, so stay tuned for more sticky window ideas!

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