Sunday, April 27, 2014

Start a Blog... Check!

Here I go! The first post on my new blog. I figured spring would be a good time to start blogging, since my daughter, MC and I will be out of the house more and enjoying the nicer weather. You may be wondering why I chose to call it Ladybugs and Cottage Cheese. No, I'm not some weirdo who eats bugs as a snack. I am calling it this because these are my one year old daughter's two most favorite things, for now anyway. MC cries when she realizes she ate all of her cottage cheese, and when she wakes from her nap, the first thing she looks for are the ladybugs crawling around on the windows. She's my nature loving, page turning, bug hunting, fussy eater who is absolutely the love of my life, along with my husband of course.
I am her stay-at-home mom, and I love it more than I could have ever guessed. I'd take poopy diapers over a pay check any day, as long as it means I can raise her myself, my way. Since I am with her  24/7, I try to keep life for both of us interesting, fun, and educational. I began reading other blogs and finding ideas on Pinterest, which helped during the long cold winter we just made it through. However, I am a creative person with quite a bit of classroom experience. So, why not come up with my own ideas to entertain and educate my one year old? Yes, why not? Well, I will, and I will post about it here. Hopefully my ideas will be used and enjoyed by others, but if not, that's ok. My daughter and I will have fun along the way.

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