Monday, April 28, 2014

Thanks Peter Cottontail!

This year for Easter, Peter Cottontail was very generous. MC got two Easter baskets! The first had items in it like bubbles, a new dress, a noise book, a slinky, a plate, and some bunny ears. However, the second basket was all edible! It was filled with marshmallow Peeps, Jello jigglers, gummy worms, and edible grass. MC got a kick out of this. After about ten minutes, there was candy all over the house, underneath our feet, and stuck to MC's pajamas (and yes, those are ladybugs on her pj's). 

My husband and I also received a few goodies from that generous old bunny, including something neither of us has had since we were kids: Kool-Aid Bursts! With it also came a flashback. So, anyway, I put them in the pantry along with the candy I was planning on saving for later (somehow most of the candy has disappeared...wink). Last night, my husband pulled his Kool-Aid Burst out and said "Oh cool, it still comes with the whistle!". A whistle? Who knew!? He showed me how the cap becomes a whistle, which I somehow completely missed as a kid, and yes, it really works! 

MC is too young to appreciate the whistle, but I'll have to remember to show her in a few years. Just thought it was something to share, in case you, like me, had no idea! Happy whistling!

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