Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Today, MC's Aunt Tata came over to visit (MC can't pronounce her real name so "Tata" is what she calls her). Since I'm not a fan of pumpkin guts, I suggested that she carve one with MC. It would be her first pumpkin carving experience! They chose a pumpkin (that came from our garden), and MC "watched" as Tata cut out the top.

Then, she helped de-gut the pumpkin...

...and pick out the seeds (my plan is to include them in a nature sensory bin I plan to make for MC in the near future; watch for the blog).

Then, we went inside (mostly for warmth) to carve the face on our pumpkin. Apparently, the pumpkin carving process takes a lot out of a 1 1/2 year old, but a banana did the trick!

When, Aunt Tata was finished carving the face on our pumpkin, we put it into my walk-in closet with a flash light inside of it, and turned off the light to show MC the final result.

She loved it, and was very excited to show her "puntin" to her daddy when he later got home. I laid out the pumpkin seeds on paper towel to dry. I will use them later in a nature sensory bin. 

For now, we are enjoying MC's first jack-o-lantern, who is now sitting outside on our deck. Happy Halloween!

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