Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sensory Gloves

It rained today. No, it poured, which means we were stuck inside. LB's toys are on a rotation. I pull out a few things at a time and leave them out for a few days, or until she gets sick of them, and the rotation continues. But, once in a while I like to come up with something new, whether it be a toy or activity. Today, it was sensory gloves. I pulled out three rubber gloves (I have a box of them on hand, as I use them to clean with), and filled each one with something different. In the first glove, I put rice. In the second, flour. In the third, cereal. Then, I tied the end of each glove into a knot. Simple! At first, LB just kept asking to put them on. I explained to her several times that she couldn't wear them and that they were just to play with. Whether she understood me or not, after a few minutes, she started tossing them around. 

We'll see how long the sensory gloves last until one of them pops and we have a mess to clean up. For now though, it's another simple, cheap, yet fun DIY toy for her to enjoy. 

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