Friday, November 28, 2014

Little Sister

As I mentioned in my previous post, Home Tot "School", I will be taking a break this spring from my blog. The reason is because MC is getting a baby sister! We are pretty sure it's a girl anyway. 

We are very excited about adding a new member to our family. We can already tell MC will be a great big sister. She has a new baby cousin she's been practicing with. She gives him kisses, holds his bottle, and rubs his cheek and says "gentle". She's such an awesome kid! She also pays a lot of attention to my stomach, points to it and says "baby". 

We are down to two names...I have my favorite, but my husband doesn't want to choose yet. He says that he has time and it's a decision that will last forever, so he's really got to think about it. I agree that it's a huge decision, but I want her to have a name! It will be one step closer to her being here. 
So anyway, she is the reason I will be taking a break from my blog, and most likely MC's tot school. But she's a pretty good reason, I'd say!

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